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  1. Jasonn


    A long with Mario and Donkey Kong, this one was a big favorite I liked. It was for 64 and later for XBox. However, though, I only played the Nintendo 64 version. So has anyone tried it?
  2. Jasonn

    Atari Games - What do you like?

    My favorite was Pitfall Harry. I could play that for hours and did so when I was a kid in the 80s. Anyway, others I liked (but less so) was QBert, (but I forgot what that was about) and Pole Position, a racing game.
  3. Jasonn

    Poker Machine Games

    I like these for PC and they're the only PC games (other than Chess) I've played since I was a kid. Anyhow, they're challenging, but obviously not similar to the real thing. I mean, otherwise, people would be using them to train!
  4. Jasonn

    Vintage PC Games - What do you like?

    I liked this World War II one where you bombed these Japanese held islands. Anyway, I forgot the name, but it was for Apple (maybe around the early 90s) and the graphics were superb for that time. So, have any of you tried it?
  5. Jasonn

    What was the best Mario adventure and racing games?

    I can't really say cause they all seem equally good! Well, two exceptions might be Super Mario Sunshine and especially, Paper Mario. I could never figure those out, but maybe I should have tried a cheat guide - but I hate cheat guides!
  6. Jasonn

    Nice theme!

    Nice theme!
  7. Jasonn

    99 Cent Games

    At a used store you can get them sometimes for that (in USD). Anyway, what is the best you bought? I mean, the price really means nothing. For instance, you can get top-of-the-line American football games for 99 cents - but they're just from some years back, maybe 2012 or something.
  8. Jasonn

    Gaming Professionally

    Do you feel you have what it takes? Also, is anyone interested in training for it or have future plans? How exactly does one get into it? What is a just wage for playing you think?
  9. Jasonn

    What is the most expensive game you bought?

    I'm not sure myself, but I'm guessing it was Mario Kart (for the Regular Wii). Anyway, I probably paid around 40 USD for it at Target. Anyway, though, I normally just buy used which is just as good.
  10. Jasonn

    Gaming on a Regular PC

    Is it possible to do much? I mean, I think the memory is a big limit. In fact, I'd say only card games would work - but I'm thinking I could be wrong. For instance, you can upgrade the memory of ordinary (non-gaming) PCs quite a bit!
  11. Jasonn

    What do you consider a good gaming PC?

    What do you have? What would you like to have? What is the best value for the money? What is simply top-of-the line and what is the cheapest?
  12. Jasonn

    Cheat Guides?

    The big spots are IGN boards and YouTube. Anyway, though, I'd rather avoid them if at possible. I mean, they make gaming boring I think. Well, maybe not in all cases, but it's always more fun to figure stuff out!