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New Profile Posts

  1. Carlos
    Yes, I know, it's kind of messy at the moment. I'll fix it.
  2. Carlos
    BF1Forum has been merged in here, and redirected here.
  3. Daniel Pacheco
    Daniel Pacheco XGN Breezy VII
    Hey I'm interested in joining xgn I did join before but that when I had Xbox 360 I have a Xbox one now and I want to rejoin xgn in the Xbox one division on battlefield one
  4. Carlos
    This is Carlos. I'm traveling ATM, but I have to post news I'm behind on. I'll fix everything when I get home.
  5. STAB
    Ps4 scout looking for a BF1 clan
  6. Rattleslug
  7. Taj Chaitan
    Taj Chaitan
    Stay Low, Go Fast.. Kill First, Die Last..One Shot, One Kill..No Luck, All Skill
  8. Carlos
    TitanFall 2 Forums will now be imported into DestroyRepeat. I will now e-mail you all. Spammers will be dealt with.
  9. Carlos
    Both Bethesda and UbiSoft had lackluster conferences, but I'll post official threads soon.
  10. Carlos
    E3 2017 is just days away!
  11. ItsMikeTonight
  12. Dredre293
    If you got the shot, Shot it
  13. Low_5seven
    Looking for a clan to play with , I hate playing alone if there's any out there please let me know !
    Just Joined! What should I do?
    1. Carlos
      Um... Post?
      Jun 11, 2017
  15. Clay
    MSF SHADOW is recruiting now. We're a new platoon looking for dedicated soldiers to join our ranks.
  16. Carlos
    I've cleaned up the database of zero posters. Most of them were spam, but if you were a user, I am sorry. You were collateral damage.
  17. Meat Pistols
    Meat Pistols
    Kimboslicexbowx .. Recruiting for Meat Pistols..
  18. Meat Pistols
    Meat Pistols
    Recruiting for Meat Pistols BF1 Xbox One...
  19. Jimmyblaze
  20. darkis Man