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PSVita Which Game?

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Got a PSN card of $50 for Christmas. Which game would be better, Sonic Racing or SF vs Tek?
Sonic Racing is a solid kart racer for the Vita. I've noticed very few FPS dips and the colors look fantastic on the Vita's OLED screen. Plus it has online MP, unlike ModNation Racers RT.


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Sonic Racing! But that's easy for me because I don't like the other one. I do have Sonic Racing and it's great!


I couldn't honestly help here. I prefer karting games to fighters, but it depends which you prefer more. I guess if you put time in, fighters can be deep, as you learn all the moves, work out your own combos and perfect your online gaming, where as Karting is a little more accessible from the start, yet once you can perfect a track, you're pretty much done.
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