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Okay, so I sent all of you 2 different e-mails. The first one was "PSVitaForum is now DestroyRepeat!" and the second one was "TitanFall announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC!" Now, notice that between those two e-mails, there has been a 4-month gap.

I've gotten e-mails from members who want to be jackasses responding with "Unsubscribe." I would like to respond to this. Because I am not a fucking spammer, you hear me!?

When I bought PSVitaForum.com, I left it alone, as is, with NO CHANGES WHATSOEVER other than the good changes. Like a new skin, the one you're seeing right now... Because I know first hand, and with lots of experience under my belt - that change of ownership is the biggest change of them all. You guys - I KNOW THAT! Why do you think I left it well alone for a WHOLE YEAR!? I did that deliberately, with a good reason.

I wanted you guys to feel comfortable, and feel right at home. You didn't like the changes? Then why didn't you tell me so? I created a feedback thread for you to tell me what YOU want.

Now, here we are, 1 year and 4 months later, I get e-mails with a prick response of "unsubscribe." Once again people; I'm not Lethal. I'm not Chris. Give me feedback, and I will improve the fuck out of the site. And I have. In fact, the new skin is coming and I will launch it when I can.

Now, I realize that this community is a mix of more than 3 things. 70% PSVita, 70% TitanFall (which is the reason for the second e-mail), 20% other FPS'es, 20% other Game Consoles. However, that's the point. NX reveal is at E32016, PS4k rumors are going wild, PSVita is dead, and is probably getting a successor if these PS4k rumors are true. Sony even created a new mobile company to release mobile devices, and games for the device.

So, this site is as RELEVANT as it can be to attract YOUR attention.

You don't have to be constrained to talking about PSVita anymore! Move on, talk about something else! That's why I bought it for - you! Yes, you, asshole, the person who unsubscribed, and then put my e-mail (and/or e-mail address) under "spam." Even though it's not even fucking spam! Fuck you!

Next time, when you register to a website: THINK about what you're doing before you press "submit"!


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So, since we're putting all this out there, I'll go ahead and shame a user, and keep in mind, this was a zero poster with no intention of using the site ever again. I deleted his account purely out of handing out "Olive Branches."

I never, never delete accounts unless they're deemed as spam. But this is an alien concept to some people. You registered to my site, then you pull the "it's the law" card on me? WTF is this shit?

This is what I had to deal with:
Good luck with your crusade of shooting messengers. You clearly still don't
understand the half of it if you think angrily marking a one-on-one email
as spam will do anything at all.
Funny you say that, because that's what you and 5-10 people are doing!
If anything is hurting your business, it's your own jumpy, sour attitude.
Not everyone wants what you're offering. That's never going to happen. I
personally think that the only value of your site is the domain and that
all the rest is pretty worthless. I don't want pointless email from it or
any other site, so i just click unsubscribe as a habit. If there's no link,
I reply and mark it as the spam that it is, as will plenty of other people.
A piece of warning to anyone who wants to be funny like this. This is the kind of attitude I do not want on this site, none. Whatsoever. "It's your own jumpy, sour attitude." Hey, look, you registered to my site, 4 years later, you complain that the site's e-mail was spam, then the [new] owner is left scrambling for what to do next. This kind of shit is the kind of garbage that I hate. People who think it's funny to respond in a sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek way that not only hurts the business - but hurts the owner too.

I am offering you a place to talk about Video Games. You registered to a PSVita Forum - PlayStation Vita is a VIDEO. GAME. DEVICE! What part of this is lost on any of you!?

There is NO subscribe button on the site, there is no unsubscribe on the site itself, either! It's simply a forum software that uses an account system. You created an account with us LONG time ago! If you had no intention of participating in the future, then don't register! That is the most simple of things that anyone should have understood.

I've been a member of many sites, and I still get e-mails from them, do I go on my e-mail address, reply to the owner and say "unsubscribe?" No. I don't. Do I go and click "unsubscribe" on the actual e-mail service? No! Because I registered to that site. I can't falsify my actions - and say to Microsoft/Google: The owner is breaking the law! That's what YOU guys did!

That's what makes me so ANGRY.
You can do one of two rational things with that feedback. Either take it to
heart and try to improve or let it roll off your back and simply not care.
Instead, you seem to be in the habit of the hilarious third option of
getting your panties in a bunch and putting on an impressively angry little
acrobatics show. I couldn't care less of your site is successful or not,
but it seems to mean the world to you that I should.
Hey, I do take feedback. Take a look around the site. Also, when a few moderators suggested that I condense the site to make it look the same way it looks now, I took that feedback. I trusted my moderators.
Instead of wasting all your energy huffing about people that call your
email spam, why not spend that energy somewhere more useful? Your site,
perhaps? If you know that you can't help letting little things set you off,
make it so that you won't see them. If you'd had an unsubscribe option in
that email, you probably wouldn't have received a single reply. Both you
and the people that don't want to hear from you would be perfectly
satisfied. That works to your advantage.
I don't want to break the forum software for future references. I never change code for a reason. I upgrade this site every. single. time. a new update arrives. It's to keep information safe, it's to keep your accounts safe, it's to keep the forums up to date.

I am focused on the site. I AM. I posted new content when they come. I update the site when I can. I take feedback, etc. etc.

I am not adding a subscribe button because it's just not part of the forum system - like I said before, there are options in your account that opt-out of e-mails. But that is so hard for you to understand.
I am amazed at how good you are at sticking your head in the sand about
this. You keep ignoring what I'm explaining to you and pretending that all
that technology and legal stuff doesn't apply to you.
I never said that, so stop putting words into my mouth. You want to be coy by pulling that card on me, then I don't need you on the site.
Here it is even simpler: With an easy opt-out in your emails, you'll lose
some readers. Without one, those readers opt you in to everyone's spam
filters and you lose all your readers. So 1) lose a few or 2) lose all. I
know which option I'd pick. I haven't tried stomping my feet as hard as you
are though, so please do let me know if that changes the way the world
There ARE some options to opt-out of e-mails, you just aren't paying attention or giving any thought to your actions or reactions. I told you repeatively, that there is no global "unsubscribe" button, there is options to opt-out e-mails via a few options, here's an example below:


Now, even if you click that button, I can force e-mails to go out to you anyway - if the e-mail is important, like the first e-mail called "PSVitaForum is now DestroyRepeat!" Now, here's the thing; The second e-mail is where the controversy started. Granted, it's not an e-mail that everyone wanted (TitanFall 2 announcement), but all you could have done was ignore it. That's it. There was no need to either respond with "unsubscribe" or click the "unsubscribe" button. Simple.

Just ignore it, and go on about your day. But some of you decided it was okay to respond with a prick "unsubscribe" response and place my e-mail under spam or unsubscribe. You caused me more headaches than necessary.

Worst part is, I didn't even force the e-mail on everyone, just to people who opted-in. :D I've been running sites since 2006, I've had only ONE or two people asking to "unsubscribe" and I fought back with that person, he backed down. You and a few others can't get over the fact that YOU. yourself. had registered to my site.


Yeah, I love joining gaming forums and receiving e-mails from them on a new trailer or a hot topic. I enjoy reading what everyone has to say on said post. I've never "Unsubscribed" from a gaming forum outlet. I think it's great emails are sent out because if I'm busy and checking my email for other stuff and I see an email from "DestroyRepeat TitanFall 2 Teaser" you bet your ass I'll check it out.

I'm not sure why but for some reason, a lot of users always join sites such as this..never post but always lurk..then start some bullshit ass stuff literally like that guy did. It's ridiculous how childlike people can be over the Internet.

Carlos, I personally love getting notifications and emails about what's going on, it keeps us in the loop and love how the site is being handled.


Staff member
I think people are still conspiring with each other. So, what I've done now is that I have edited the registered users group to revoke the option to delete, edit, or modify thread titles. From here on out, nobody other than moderators and myself can delete posts, or threads. That option is gone because someone thought it was a GREAT idea to delete his old posts JUST because he wanted to... ahem, wait for it: Nuke his account.

I banned that person. I IP banned and discouraged that account.

See, this is the exact attitude that I do not want on this site. It just gives way to more abuse. I have now removed any option to delete. Thanks for ruining user experience, @Tygamr! *Claps*


Staff member
Recently, @Abiel went on a deletion spree on his profile, deleting all of his status updates (profile posts), to "nuke" his account. He wanted to delete his account, for whatever reason...

I'm not going to cave in. And I definitely am not going to give up. Instead, this just prompted more restrictions. So, the option to edit or delete your profile posts/updates are now removed. Good job, man. Good job.

*claps loudly, and slowly*

You guys are fucking childish, you know that?

The worst thing is, I actually liked Abiel. :(



Why do you have the database from GeneticHax, a forum closed over five years ago, integrated into your forum? I assume it's you HSx9.

Either way, can you purge my original account, Billy, or fix your captcha system so I can do it myself.



Staff member
I purchased (acquired) BitterGamers, which previously was GeneticHax. I merged it into this site, it's not integrated. MERGED. HSx9 isn't the admin, and this ain't vBulletin, brah. Now, that out of the way, if you ever come here again, you better clean up your attitude. There is no way to edit, or delete your posts. And there isn't a way to "purge" your account, either. I would have to be the one to delete your account, which I ain't going to.

I am from United States, and I don't live in no stinkin' country that supports laws that ultimately removes "user" ownership from the admin. Facebook is following suit. That law was meant to tax corporations from other countries that operate in the country that imposes the law. This "account suicide" is the same garbage I went through here. So, either you participate in the site, or like your avatar says: GTFO. Don't like it? GTFO here then. I'm not going to put up with people like you.

I acquired the community so I can capture the users, which includes yourself, but if you don't want to participate, then there's the fucking door. Don't let it hit you on your way out.

I know this comes off as rude, but you came in here after a year after the whole thing went down, and I have to deal with you now. Mmmmh.... No. Not happening on my watch.
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