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TitanFall 2 Tech Test is live now.

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Staff member
During GamesCom 2016, Electronic Arts & Respawn Entertainment revealed that TitanFall 2's Tech Test will take place today, August 19th...

Electronic Arts is calling it a "Open Tech Test," but it's an Open Beta. The whole point of this Tech Test is to test the server and break the game as hard as we can. And play TitanFall 2 for the first time! :D


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Kicked off the download from work. Hopefully it's done downloading by the time I get home from work.


Staff member
I can't even begin to express how awesome TitanFall 2 is... The game is crazy when there are a few Titans on the map, and you've got all of these variety of players - pilots, a few mofos in Titans, and all in all... CRAAAAZY.

Controls are smooth. Really smooth. This makes Call of Duty look like a kids game. Vince Zampella and crew has a hit in their hands! And it's coming a few days after Battlefield 1 comes out!

I'm just sayin'. What I do know: Activision has a huge competition in their hands. There is no way TitanFall 2 won't get into christmas trees this year. No way. This game is what everyone wants.

I just need to get used to the controls, the maps, and learn everything all over again.


I really hope TF2 offers a combat training or bot mode in multiplayer. I want to get it, but seeing how I lack Broadband Internet, I won't be able to play online.

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