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By the looks of things around here... with all the spam posts going up... something needs to be done. Security needs to be tighten up.


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Spambots are everywhere. Their presence has nothing to do with being hacked. DestinyOverwatch also had its share of spambots for awhile but HuIz eventually cleared them all out. They sorta come and go.


New Member
Stronger "Registration" security options are available to any master website admin. Changing the security options up from time to time also helps confuse and kill the "Bots"... but not always the real humans signing on and getting access to a site. But they are far and few between. There are some "add-on" security options available at a monetary cost that can stop spam bots cold in their tracks... considering the time it takes to put up with and delete spam posts. And website member's putting up with constant spam posts makes the website look very unprofessional.

I run a number of my own websites... and don't have these spam bot problems.


New Member
Rare slip through the cracks. I have pretty tight spam prevention, but they did something slightly different that allowed them to move past what I had setup.

I'll make some additional tweaks, but I cleaned up all of the issues/spam. As websites get popular & rank higher in search engines, the spam will undoubtedly pour in. I run a few sites, and I've prevented it rather well on the others & I use the same prevention here.

Any issues with that sort of stuff should be few & far between.
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