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Announcement Several Changes on CarlosX360 Network

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Okay, the first change I've made in the last 30 days, is the move of carlosx360.info from this server, to a new one - a live feed of CarlosX360's youtube, and twitter. Tumblr allows feeds of twitter, and youtube without having to touch a button just to update people on what I've been doing.

The second thing I've changed, is the page display for two of my CarlosX360 domains - each of them (.com and .me) now bears the new PSN ID cards by SCEE. :hb:


The third thing I've changed is in carlosx360.me - You've noticed that it bears the new "Follow CarlosX360" banner on the side. It directs to carlosx360.info

Finally, is the introduction of revolutionarygaming.com - It will serve as the mainpage of these forums.
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