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Ryota Niitsuma thinks Mega Man X fits UMVC3 roster

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At Comic Con, Capcom has been a controversial company, and the most talked company at the event because of the cancellation of Mega Man Universe, and a community project called Mega Man Legends 3. Ryota Nitsuma is the producer and director of Marvel Vs Capcom 3, so his weight is instrumental... So, at the EVO World Championships tournament, Ryota made his opinion known to Destructoid in an interview which you can see below.

Source: EventHubs

We all love our beloved Mega Man, but Mega Man X has more moves than Mega Man. And he is the most highly requested character to be included in any MVC3 expansion or DLC offering.

Mega Man X has been using Zero's saber since Mega Man X5, so it makes a lot of sense to deprive Zero's moves to make Mega Man X's moves. However, it would make more sense to have different moves for Mega Man X.

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