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Announcement Record month at CarlosX360 Network Forums

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CarlosX360's Network has gotten a exponetially huge boost of visits.

32 users has logged on the site yesterday, and that's a bit of a surprise for me. I knew that timing was everything, and I have watched the website's logs to see how far its been coming along.

This month's statistics prove that I know how to advertise. But its still a long way to go before this site starts getting members, and visits more often.

I am not done with the site, I am not done with tweaking, editing, and optimizing. No, I'm not done, I'm confident that this site will not only prove naysayers wrong, but the site will grow so big that I will make word of mouth go around. I've done it for other sites, shouldn't be hard for me to do it with my own forums.


Cool. More people will be awesome. Keep up the good work.


Alot of the times those guest are just Yahoo webcrawlers and Googlebots.


Staff member
Alot of the times those guest are just Yahoo webcrawlers and Googlebots.
I am telling you that the statistics are telling me otherwise. There are few crawlers/bots in my stats.

To top it off, stats are showing visits from all over the world.


Staff member
We had another record month here at CarlosX360 Boards.

In the last few months we've been pushing the visits evelope every time, so the Original Post's record was pushed within' the same class.

Now its time to start pushing harder in the next few months.


Staff member
The site got a huge jump of visits in this month. The visits went up exponentially. November was very kind to me. :D

December is going to be a very exciting month. :)
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