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PlayStation Network is starting to piss me off

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I ain't sign up for that
I have multiple PSN accounts and on just about all of them I have digital games on them. On one in particular, I have Destiny on it and I've been enjoying it since I got it about a week and a half ago.

Destiny has a companion app for smart devices that I have been using to keep track of my progression and my friends' progression. Everything was fine until two days ago when I was inexplicably signed out of the app. I somehow got signed out and it refused to let me sign back in. Yesterday I tried to sign in with the account on PS Store on my PC but it would recognize my login info. I know for a fact that I didn't change my password but I clicked forgot password anyway, and when I entered my email address to receive a password reset form it gave an error saying that they had no record of my email address.

Now I'm still have my login info on my PS3 and I can login on it with no problem. I opened Account Management and tried reenter my email address and it gave me a server error twice then accepted it the third time. You would think that I that info was reentered that PSN/PS-Store would recognize the email address after that but no, after doing that and attempting to change my password using the email address I get told again that there is no PSN account associated with my email address.

I called PlayStation Customer Support yesterday and the representative was able to confirm that my PSN ID was in fact registered under my email address. They didn't seem to have a clue why I was experiencing these problems but the offered to send a link to reset my password to my email address saying that it'd take up to 24 hours to get it and it usually only takes a couple of minutes...except that it's been over 24 hours, I haven't received the email and my issue still hasn't been resolved.


I ain't sign up for that
The issue has been resolved after speaking with a second customer service representative today. They were able to send a link to my email address and I was able to take care of the issue from there.

Wyt Myk

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I have never experienced anything like that. I would definitely be trying to get something out of them for the hassle. Did the 2nd rep have any explanation for what may have caused this to happen?


I ain't sign up for that
Nah they didn't offer anything and I didn't ask because I was just happy to have services back in working order.


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Gotta be honest i feel you @akhi216 I have been buying/playing most my multiplats on my X1 lately due to a combination of Sony Support/PSN instability. And i say this as someone whom has always done the opposite having always owned them all.


I ain't sign up for that
Gotta be honest i feel you @akhi216 I have been buying/playing most my multiplats on my X1 lately due to a combination of Sony Support/PSN instability. And i say this as someone whom has always done the opposite having always owned them all.
I'm going to have to do the same sticking with the Vita and moving on to PC or X1. The frequent downtime, lagginess, and general instability of PSN has worn my patience thin. For instance, right now my phone and PC are connected to the internet and are working with no problems but I am signed out on PSN due to some kind of error dealing with internet....WHILE I'M DOWNLOADING A FUCKING GAME UPDATE (caps added to emphasize ridiculousness, sorry)!!! Too many times my PS3 will be connected to the internet only for me to get an error and get signed out from PSN only for me to see that I am in fact signed in since I can still see my friends an otherwise deal with network related functions, the same happen when I had a PS4 as well.
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