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New Member
I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Facebook. I do have a profile but I use it perhaps once a week just to check for any new messages and briefly read what people have been up to. But I also don't have unknown people added, only my friends, family and colleges.

I think that all those people that post pictures of themselves are a bit pathetic. I don't mind if you sometimes post your own picture but I don't want to see 50+ selfies, haha :D So, overall, I don't think that I would care if I couldn't get on the Facebook.
I tend to agree with you that facebook, like a LOT of social media websites, or ALL of them for that matter, encourages narcissistic behavior. The idea of our self-image is really distorted in social media, I think. I don't want to sound so negative, and everyone should celebrate their own beauty, but the over-indulgence of selfies can get a but gratuitous and ridiculous.


New Member
I have not been active on Facebook for a while now. When I first started using Facebook, I found it very instrumental to my online business and a good way to socialize with friends and families home and abroad, but later began losing interest due to some unpleasant images and videos found posted on my walls by unknown users. I considered it all immoral to continue using the platform, though this wasn't the fault of the site owners. I only deactivated the account tentatively, hoping that things will be corrected on the media soonest.


New Member
Honestly, I would try recovering my account or try reporting it to Facebook itself. It's a very scary thing if all of a sudden your account would be locked. Of course a s a normal human being, you would ask why your account has been locked. The scary thing though is what could have happen to your account that caused it. It could be somebody hacking your account or such. So trying to recover it or reporting it is the best options you could do for your own self's sake.


New Member
Facebook holds the liberal opinion over the political stand point. So it can be totally unsafe to use this social media now. If anyone is getting their accounts blocked. It's reasonable to go for the alternatives such as the diaspora. I think when you're dealing with the people and opinion on groups and pages. It's better to avoid getting personal too. This way you'd not post something that can get you blocked.


New Member
This is the first time that I hear that your dream just only focuses on social media sites. Most of the time, in our dream, we do lots of things physically and make a lot of interaction to others and not focus one thing, for me. That's a really an odd dream you got there. Maybe, you're always on social media sites whenever you're awake, that's why it follows you to your dream. :D


New Member
One FB friend thinks that everyone wants to know all the details of her day to day life and writes a short novel for each post. No one wants to know that you cleaned the bathroom, kitchen, did laundry, weeded the garden, or made dinner.
That has to be the absolute worst part about Facebook. And I hate it when people do that and I have a cousin like that, and matter of fact I took her off of my Facebook because it was so annoying. I just don't get why people want to write an autobiography about their life on facebook LOL.
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