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Song: Civil War
Artist: Guns N' Roses
Album: Use Your Illusion II
Genre(s): Hard Rock
Length: N/A
Comment(s): Well, I actually forgot all about this song, but I turned it to the Rock Music Choice channel on TV (the Metal one was playing a horrid song at the time), and this was on. I quickly remembered it and...it's a decent song in my opinion.


all praise their sacrificed sons
Song: Paradigm Shift
Artist: Liquid Tension Experiment
Album: Liquid Tension Experiment
Genre(s): Metal-influenced Instrumental Prog
Length: 8:54
Comment(s): Bought the album after Anigmasis sent me When The Water Breaks. A very satisfying album, and this is probably one of my favourite songs on here (second maybe to Osmosis). Very well written, very well played.


That's odd...I was listening to them earlier today. Excellent band in my opinion.

Song: Passive (2004)
Artist: A Perfect Circle
Album: eMOTIVe
Genre(s): Rock (I guess)
Length: N/A
Comment(s): I didn't like this album, let alone this song when I first heard it but now that I hear it more and more, I seem to can't get enough of it. The video of it isn't that bad either to be honest.


all praise their sacrificed sons
Song: Holy Land
Artist: Angra
Album: Holy Land
Genre(s): Progressive Power
Length: 6:25
Comment(s): One of the first Angra songs I heard, still very enjoyable.


Señor Member
Song: Crashing Around You
Band: Machine Head
Album: Supercharger
Genre: Thrash/Groove Metal, apparantly.
Duration: 3:13
Comments: A little too nu metally for my usual tastes, but I actually don't mind this song. Catchy chorus, nice n' heavy, and funky Wah.


Song: Demise of Sanity (2002)
Artist: Black Label Society
Album: 1919 Eternal
Genre(s): Hard Rock
Length: N/A
Comment(s): Hmmm...interesting song, and even though I like Black Label Society...I don't really like this one much at all...=/


Señor Member
Song: Blackest Eyes
Band: Porcupine Tree
Album: In Absentia
Genre: Progressive Rock
Length: 4:23
Comments: Catchy chorus, good progression, nice vibe. One of my Porcupine Tree favourites.
Song: Anna's love
Artist: Cannae
Album: Horror
Genre(s): Melodic Death
Length: 3:00
Comment(s): Cannae is easily one of the best Melodeath bands out there. And this song is awesome.


Song: And All Things Will End
Artist: Avenged Sevenfold
Album: Waking The Fallen
Length: 7:40
Comments: Most excellent.


Blazing Berserker
Song: One Step Closer
Artist:Linkin Park
Album: Hybrid Theory
Genre(s): Rap/Metal...or show they call it...
Length: 3:39
Comment(s): I think that this is a great song and an awesome video if you've ever seen it. As for just the song, to me, it is one taht can change your mood to better in just a second.


soul society
Song: Take the Time
Artist: Dream Theater
Album: Images & Words
Genre(s): Progressive Metal
Length: 8:19
Comment(s): I love the guitar riffs and solos in this song. Vocals impress me as well.


Song: Given to Fly (1998)
Artist: Pearl Jam
Album: Yield
Genre(s): Rock
Length: N/A
Comment(s): I used to like Pearl Jam long ago, but now they're just "Eh...".


soul society
Song: Misunderstood
Artist: Dream Theater
Album: Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Genre(s): Progressive Metal
Length: 9:31
Comment(s): I enjoy this song. Easily one of my favorites from this album.


J22S Yeah The Rebirth
Song: Damien II (The Omen)
Artist: DMX ft. Marilyn Manson
Album: Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood
Genre(s): Rap
Length: 3:58
Comment(s): I love this song some reason. It's about a guy who made a deal with the devil without knowen it. He didn't know what he was getting into. He killed people for him and Damien wants him to continue but DMX says no. Then Damien says do it you owe it. DMX just says no but then does it anyways. DMX finally says fuck it no more. Damien says you made a deal now do what I said. DMX says I never made a deal. And so on. . .


Señor Member
Song: Funeral Pyre
Band: The Jam
Album: Greatest Hits
Comments: The drums and bassline are groovin', shame you can't hear the guitars very well, though. Simple but catchy song here. Neato!


Song: Kamasutra
Artist: Yahel
Album: Around The World
Genre(s): Psytrance / Trance
Length: 6:32
Comment(s): The new Yahel album is great, much better than his previous two. Kamasutra is my favourite song at the moment. Very emotional, like the stuff on Waves Of Sound. One of the most beatifull songs I've heard in a long time. The main synth is amazing. Anyway, I'm going to write a review for the whole album as soon as my blog is online again.


soul society
Song: Why don't you get a job
Artist: Offspring
Album: Americana
Length: 2:52
Comment(s): I like to listen to The Offspring every now and then. Adds variety to my playlist.


Señor Member
Song: Bohemian Rhapsody
Band: Queen
Album: Rock Anthems Vol.1 [UK]
Genre: Classic Rock
Length: 5:57
Comments: [strike]Gay[/strike] It's a good song once it's kicked off, if rather odd.
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