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I bought DestinyOverwatch with the intention of capturing the market segment of Destiny and becoming a leader in the segment. Bungie released Destiny 2. While the game was released, I'd already completed the acquisition of DestinyOverwatch, so I wasn't able to ride the coattails of the series' success. Destiny 2 sold many units, but failed to meet Activision's expectations. Despite that, I see a lot of traffic still coming in, but user engagement has dropped. It was clear the first few months. I see traffic coming in, but I don't see user engagement - it could be anything, from users returning, and logging in, to new users coming in and posting. I see a few new users coming in and post new threads, but that's just about it.

I could have just merged this site into DestroyRepeat on the first month I bought it, but what I really wanted to do was catch the Destiny 2 buzz. It's better to have a niche, than anything else. It's how the previous owner found you all. Because Destiny was a hot new trend. It went so far, to reaching 5 thousand members. That's an incredible feat in itself. When or if Destiny 3 comes out, I won't be around. I am switching from niche-games-site, to niche-platform-site in the coming years. I may change my mind, but this is how I feel now.

I wanted to reach you all. I wanted to expand my brand. I want to go onto bigger things, better things. But I have to scratch, claw my way from smaller markets and into bigger markets.

TL;DR: I still see traffic, but not nearly as much as it should be. With this in mind, I will merge this site into a gaming forum that I manage - DestroyRepeat.com

I hope to see you on the other side. I will now use this site as a test, to learn from traffic of Destiny/Destiny 2.


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I'm having second thoughts about this seeing new traffic, and new users. I will conduct new plans for the site as we go forward.


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I'm seeing a lot of traffic coming through, but I still don't see users posting, so It's time to make the move. I need to free up a license for a new project.

Will see you on DestroyRepeat.com
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