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Mega Thread - Genetic Hax

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Well-Known Member
Hello, Guys. I'd really liked to make the site a bit more personalized. I think its time we clear out some unuseful section. It's been pretty confusing lately. I'm not sure where and what to post in sections. It's getting more simple day by day. I'd like to personally share my opinion on how the site should be changed.

  • Site Re-Design: I really want to see some new section, new background, new staff.
  • New Theme , As Mentioned In The Previous Post. It's time we switch from the gay themes we currently have into a more professionally edited them
  • Staff: We need new staff. No doubt about it, choose correctly. To members: Don't cry about it, they are just staff. I'd really like to see the whole site get a chance.
  • Upgrade to vB 4.x.x? : Although i wish to say " No ". It's time, we're ready for vB 4. It would be a big thing for us . This needs a pool , i don't agree with this 100% yet.

Update Our Youtube Channel, Twitter, Facebook
We have a facebook, youtube, and twitter that need to be updated. How do you expect us to get members? They are definitely one big way to get use a few hundred more members. They look really empty, need a major re-design. Although i noticed the youtube is mildly looking good, we need a new genetichax channel " Genetic Hax ". We actually need to do something and quit being lazy

Now here is the big and most discussed topic " Staff " . Once in a while, a new staff member is chosen by the site , then all hell breaks out. I believe that new staff should come in. This time Nick , ( Members who haven't been promoted in the past) . We need more mature moderators, as my first recommendation i recommend egoDream, he's the best members i've seen in ages. He's kind, funny, etc. He's currently partnered with me and baker in our Premium/Grey/Professional Minecraft Server.

New Sections
With Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 around the corner , it's time we create new sections. I'm getting tired of seeing the same crap every time. I believe "us" premium members deserve a change , this should really be recommended. Delete unused sections, edit some section, add sections. :3 This is all up to the community to discuss.

How To Get Known:
1)Do Useful Things That Will Help The Community.
2)Donate to other users.
3)Bring Something That Hasn't Yet Been Created.
4)Post Alot Of Threads .
5)Don't Be A Troll :y:
6)Do It For Teh Rolex :fyea:​

Please take the time to read this as i took about 20 minutes to create it. It's not yet finished , it's being updated . I will make How To's and Don't Do's . Please, comment your thoughts.



Well-Known Member
I really what the community to listen. They want updates, yet they are to lazy to even ask to do anything.


Well-Known Member
I know you didn't, it was cause you probably didn't show members love? I'd give you a chance but it would still be a 20 - 1 vote.
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