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How to download your Xbox Play Anywhere games

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Microsoft recently launched their "Xbox Play Anywhere" initiative with ReCore. Learn how to download your "Xbox Play Anywhere" games to be able to buy one copy and download it somewhere else. In this case, if you buy ReCore on Xbox One, you get to download the PC version.



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Yup, I purchased game and got the PC version. I've played on both and it's been fun. The only thing I dont like is the timer in the dungeons. I dont like feeling rushed to get a bonus core. I get it, but just dont like it.

Overall the game is nice.

Also, if you have the Elite controller like I do, you can connect the controller to the PC via USB cable, start the Accessories app, and once you complete the little Next next next pages, you're Accessories profile from the Xbox One will download to your PC. So there's no need to remap all those button mappings. I wasnt aware of this. I thought I would have to do it all over again since it's on the PC.

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