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How much can you resist without playing games?

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New Member
I tried to play games when I MMR is getting to 1640 mm. I think twice and go to hard studies for my family. I grounded myself to not playing games for 3 weeks. I can help myself to serious in the study. And my grades not feeling I can get 1.00

Dexter Morgan

New Member
A few months ago, I would say, no I can’t resist myself without playing video games. I loved playing games (and I still do). I used to spend most of my free time playing games. I was like an addict. I just couldn’t stop playing.

But now I have scheduled my time for doing other activities so I don’t have to sit at one place, playing games all day long.

It just took me an alternative to get over that addiction of mine and yet I’m still satisfied as I get more time for doing everything I want.


New Member
I won't play a lot when I'm busy with work and studying, so even if I wanted to develop an addiction I couldn't do this. I'm only able to play when I have nothing else to do and as of right now, that doesn't happen often. It's not a matter of days for me, it's about when I can play and I would feel pretty bad if I couldn't play in my free time. Nothing addiction related, it's just a funny and great way to kill time for me.


New Member
Same thing happens to me, I work a lot so I don't have the time I used to have for gaming, but I had to realize this day by day.
I tell you that it wasn't easy getting to the point to where I am today. But I am so glad that I did and I do not regret giving up playing games for 14hrs a day. I only wish I would have done it sooner. Because life is way to short to be sitting in front of a TV or PC Monitor for 14hrs a day. I never knew what I was missing until I got out in the real world and boy did I miss a lot over the years!


New Member
It just took me an alternative to get over that addiction of mine and yet I’m still satisfied as I get more time for doing everything I want.
That's the greatest gift of giving up playing video games for 14hrs a day. You have all the time in the world to do what you want because you're not so pressured to hurry up back to the game. I can remember when I was really addicted to video games if I was away from my computer for more than 2hrs I would start climbing the walls. And I have to be honest I am so grateful that, that feeling is gone!
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