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Favourite Nintendo Franchise

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New Member
There's many out there; Legend of Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, Kirby, Donkey Kong, etc! Which ones are your favourite?


New Member
For me, there were a couple. The Mario franchise is obvious. I played Mario up through Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64. I think I stopped after that.

Then there was Donkey Kong that came out for Super Nintendo. That game was so off the chain it was ridiculous. That game was really well done. It is better than many games of similar genre that are released to this day.

I didn't play any Zelda until Zelda Orcarina of Time on N64. It had a less role playing feel to it, which is why I think I played it. That game was absolutely outstanding.

The game, however, I enjoyed the most on Nintento, was Goldeneye64. They really could have took Bond games and made a beast of a franchise out of it. That game was so well done; they really dropped the ball by not adding additional games like it. That game is an absolute classic for old school gamers. With it, they introduce the "rumble" stick, which was the first of its kind, bringing vibration to controllers. That game broke so many barriers when it came to playing FPS on a console.


I'm a major fan of all of the Mario iterations. Mario never fails to give us a new glimpse into each system and has done so much over the years to move gaming along. He's done everything from racing to full on Japanese style RPGs. Mario is the man!


New Member
I would have to say Mario, you gotta love Mario, Pokémon for sure and last but not least Kirby. Of course there are more good ones.


New Member
I was expecting to see a lot of Mario fans here.
I have to agree with them - Mario is the best Nintendo franchise.


New Member
Pokemon's my favorite obviously by the sheer amount of time I've spent on it out of love for the game world - I've played all the games (even the spin offs - from the online TCG to the crossgames aover with Nobunaga's Ambition to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon) and watched the anime, read some of the manga (so many kinds, but I've read the most popular ones translated in English), and bought the merchandise. I'm glad that they're branching out into new kinds of Pokemon games (Pokemon Shuffle, the Pikachu Detective Game that'll someday come, and the fighting game that isn't Smash)! Of course, my love for it started when I was dreaming of going to the Pokemon world as a kid and it's continued up to today.

I'm fond of a lot of other Nintendo franchises too - Mario's awesome! I grew up with it and I'm really glad that it's still popular today (and with so many variations)! (I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Yoshi's Woolly World in my country.) And Donkey Kong, I grew up playing that and Zelda.


New Member
The Legend of Zelda franchise is one of the oldest, and probably my favorite. Those games basically made up my entire childhood.


New Member
I love the Mario franchise. They can do just about anything they want with it! It never has a set story it has to follow.
Pokemon is pretty awesome too. I've been into Pokemon since I was a little kid. Now my girlfriends kid sister is into it haha.


New Member
I'm in love with The Legend of Zelda series. It's a family friendly game that is perfect for all ages. There is a great variety of humor, action, adventure, and so much more. I was a fan ever since I was younger. Although LoZ isn't really an rpg (some say it is), that is how I got into playing rpg's! Since there's so many fun elements to the game and a lot of different dungeons/bosses, this game is really suited for me. What are your favorites?


New Member
It's a toss-up between Mario and the Legend of Zelda games. I mostly like the old-school Mario. Super Mario World is my favorite. I wish they would make an updated one. The same style but different villains and levels. I also miss the Legend of Zelda games. The first one that I played was Link's Awakening for Gameboy. Man, I'm old. :)


New Member
It's Pokemon for me. Nostalgia and all that. Besides, I really do enjoy the games, and get at least one of each set as they come out. All the new online/multiplayer features have been great, and allow you to find things to do even after defeating the main storyline. Anxiously waiting to see what they have in store for Pokemon's big anniversary this year...


New Member
Legend Of Zelda, definitely. I'm honestly not into some of the newer titles, Skyward Sword and Hyrule warriors, but I love every single one before them. I'm actually replaying Ocarina of Time right now :)


New Member
Tough call between The Legend of Zelda and Metroid, but the guy with the green cap gets my vote. Like plenty of Nintendo's franchises, Zelda was genre-setting and easily hosts some of the most important games of all time - namely, the first Legend of Zelda and Ocarina of Time.


New Member
Definitely Zelda and Pokemon. Those two are my favorite of the Nintendo franchises. If Nintendo can get its crud together and keep supporting Monolith Soft then the Xenoblade games may turn into a new franchise. I really hope so because Monolith Soft has some really good stuff and honestly Nintendo needs new blood in their line up.


New Member
I love Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Pokemon and Zelda games!

When I was in middle school, my brothers and I only had a N64 and our GameBoy Colors, so we spent a lot of time playing the game that got me hooked on gaming - Pokemon! I had Yellow version and our dad got us Pokemon Stadium so we could all play that together. Later on, I borrowed Paper Mario from a friend and got hooked on it! Surprisingly I enjoyed that version a lot better than the regular Mario games >.>

My brother traded with a friend and got The Legend of Zelda for our N64 and I fell in love with that game.

When I was in high school, I got a GameCube and I borrowed Animal Crossing. I love that game! My best friend and I would make up silly stories with the characters and spend hours playing that together.

Nintendo has a wonderful nostalgia factor for me!


If I had to choose my favorite Nintendo franchises, I'd say Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Pokemon. I enjoy those games a lot, though I'm not the biggest fan of Nintendo altogether. I'm a bit more of a fan of SEGA. Still, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and of course, Pokemon are special. They stand out, and don't really have any direct competing games from SEGA, so they're unique games. I love playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on my Wii, and I'm excited to hear of a new HD release coming.


New Member
Mario is my all-time favorite Nintendo franchise, but I do like Donkey Kong, and my brother likes Kirby. I just think Kirby is cute, I can't play his games very well. The are more, but since this topic is for a favorite, my favorite is Mario.
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