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Cortana - Microsoft's competitor for Siri

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What do you think about Cortana, the voice assistant that Microsoft will introduce on Windows Phone 8 devices with the upcoming upgrade to Windows 8.1 ? Microsoft intends to make Cortana more efficient and more intuitive than Siri. Do you think they will succeed? :huh:


No, I don't think they'll succeed.

Coincidentally, Cortana is the name of a character in Halo 3.


I think they well make it better over time. Siri well be better at the initial release, but I feel Microsoft well come out on top.


I've never used siri properly, only ever had one iPhone 3GS and it was never available but instead i used Google Now which I find amazing


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All I want is to see an animated Cortana avatar on my phone, with a voice that sounds like Cortana from the video game series.

I want to actually talk to Cortana. Nothing else is important.

I want Microsoft to make Cortana real. We have the technology to do it, I think. It's possible to make my GPS talk like Darth Vader, so it should be possible to bring in the Cortana voice.

It would be pretty processor intensive and drain my battery, but it would be awesome.

Make it happen!


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Holy crap! That's a great idea! A little Cortana that jumps up on my phone or desktop and gestures as she responds, or scratches her head as the phone is processing a request. It's such a simple idea, with a pre-existing avatar for her... Now, I don't use Cortana much as it is, do they have her voice on the phone in the same way that Siri does? Does it actually sound like the Cortana from the Halo games?

Recording, processing, and editing all the phonemes in the English language is actually an incredibly difficult and time consuming task. If they don't have her REAL voice, this may be part of the reason why. They tend to get freelancers to do these voices without knowing who their voice will be sold to in order to get the voice for as little money as possible.

Regardless, super cool idea.

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