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Confirmed: PlayStation Network is down; hackers claim they did it

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PlayStation Network is offline in North America, a day ahead of announced scheduled maintenance. A hacker group on Twitter is claiming its attack took the service offline.

Users who try to log in to PSN or the PlayStation Store on their PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 consoles are given a message that PSN is down for maintenance. Sony announced Thursday that PSN would be offline for routine maintenance from noon to about 7:30 p.m. ET on Monday.

Shacknews reported that the same hacker group claim it was able to take down servers for Blizzard Entertainment, as well as League of Legends and Path of Exile. This is unconfirmed. Blizzard's Battle.net is up as of publication time.

Polygon has reached out to representatives of Sony Computer Entertainment America to ask for more information about today's outage.

Source- Shacknews


I ain't sign up for that
I was able to play two Street Fighter X Tekken matches on Vita but granted I have been logged in and online over a week now. Destiny of Spirits gives an error message though.


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I don't know which annoys me more.

The fact that this type of assholes that ruin the fun for everyone exist or that not even once during the day i have gotten any type of message that there is major problem with the PSN. I been thinking that my router or vita is at fault that the PSN hasn't been working correctly and i have been wasting time trying to correct things and wasting time with getting frustrated by Destiny Of Spirits.

I even thought that my Destiny Of Spirits data was swiped because i got a message that sounded like there wasn't any data anymore.

Fricking annoying.


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hey we get free games! I hope... if they do. they better not be like 3yr old crappy games or indies

I don't think it will be like that major outage when the group Anonymous claimed to have been the ones to hack into PSN a couple years ago. If this was a hack, then Sony will just need to swiftly respond with more security measures in the maintenance they had scheduled for tomorrow. I've heard word around the Web that the network is coming back up now, in some regions.

Hopefully this was just a one-time thing, though it does prove a point. That hackers are out there and can hack into systems. That's the sad truth. Unlike the famed e-Handbooks Monokuma shows off in Danganronpa, no existing server in today's world is unhackable.


I ain't sign up for that
It is not a hack it is a DDoS attack. Sony should be better prepared to deal with them given that so many people use the network.


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The Lizard Squad said on twitter that sony doesn't use the money they get from us (when we buy playstation things) for PSN, apparently they are greedy?
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