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Announcement CarlosX360 skyrockets to the top 5 startup pitches

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After speaking to a Startup event organizer for months about the format, learning how the format is like in person, and preparation for the Startup presentation to about 10-20 investors... CarlosX360's company pitch has moved from nothing, to one of the 5 startup pitches.

Why does this matter?
Well, CarlosX360 is a business. And as a business, if you want to get your company's name on the map. You have to start somewhere in San Francisco. That's precisely what I did on March 21st, the very same day Game Developers Conference ends. The event took place in San Francisco, California.

Why did you need to pitch? What's your story?
From 2006, to 2010 CarlosX360 has been through a series of trial and error. In 2010, after learning what works, what doesn't work, and amassing knowledge over 5 years prior. I took one of the biggest steps, one of the biggest risks I've ever made when I bought CODForums for $500 in October of 2010. At the same time, I took a even riskier move; incorporate the actual company. Now, as you know, about 22 percent of the startups fail. My commitment to success over the past 9 years now, has shown that I've made a conscious decision to succeed no matter how many haters I have lined up. No matter what odds I've faced, no matter if an obstacle is in my way. I've rised above them all. My latest move was one of the riskiest that I've done in 5 years.

San Francisco's startup scene is a tough, tough crowd. I shit you not. I've gone to a few startup events, and by far, SF Startup Showcase by Jose De Dios has been my most successful thus far. It defined my biggest achievement yet. Because not a lot of entrepreneurs have the balls to go up to a stage in front of 500 to 1,000 people, watching you pitch. I was overcome with such intense passion all the way through my entire body. I was very nervous up there, strong emotions overcame. But I made it, and was surprised by the results. I was the first person to be called to the stage as one of the top 5 startup pitches.

And here's the thing. That was my first pitch to an investor in person, and/or to a panel of investors.

What makes this shocking is that CarlosX360 doesn't even have a product ready for market, doesn't even have a service ready for market. CarlosX360 was, and has been a stealth startup for the past 5 years now. The original goal of CarlosX360 is to be a news media corporation in the video game industry, but I must admit - that it's very hard to be a [video game] media company. All of the major gaming conventions has rejected the company many times, even though the company has gathered 100,000 visitors worldwide in a few months. Today, CarlosX360 accomplished around 400,000 visitors worldwide across the entire network. That means about 10-20% of the industry already know who I am.

Which brings me to "Why did you need to pitch?" The video game industry is going through a paradigm shift across the board. New consoles just came out a few months ago, new technologies has been unveiled, and then, the industry is in a somewhat experimental phase as of late with the release of Xbox One, PS4, and digital services on those platforms. For example, there are a few price wars being waged on both fronts - Xbox One is going through a price war amongst game retailers or retailers in general. Digital distribution has been a bumpy ride for a while now, that bumpy ride has been intensified through Xbox One and PS4.

Okay, so?
I want to fill one of these voids. And to fill these voids, I need capital. That's why I pitched this past Friday.

Why didn't you win?
At the event, it was clear that I was one of the standout winners. I made it very close to the top 3. The problem isn't that I didn't have a good pitch - the problem was that, the head investor of the panel already has informed me a few months before the event, [he] didn't want to invest in the company because he and his team doesn't know the industry well enough to bring value to the company. The winner of the pitches was one that he has domain expertise in - one that he knows inside and out. An internet crowdfunding company in the real estate market segment.

It was much clearer when I left the stage - people tapped my back, shook my hand, and complimented me on the great job I did onstage. Which is another big surprise for me. When I made the pitch, I drew a blank at first - mostly because of the aforementioned nervousness - I even took a few seconds to take a breath. I didn't think I conveyed my message well, I second-guessed myself at least once or twice. Mostly because I had a different pitch in mind. However, I beat the odds. I had a few folks approach me, giving me business cards.

That's not even scratching the surface. A few days later, as a matter of fact, just yesterday. Facebook made a groundbreaking announcement that they'd acquired a company called Oculus, the makers of Oculus Rift, a Virtual Reality technology. I feel that it has validated my company somewhat. And I'll be back with a vengeance.
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