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Announcement CarlosX360 Network moved to a new server!

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CarlosX360.com and its network of websites has moved to a new server. I've been making small moves to ensure that future growth of CarlosX360's network of websites goes without a hitch. Over the last month or so, there has been some downtime for all websites - It's mostly because the previous server could not hold more people at once. In fact, the server went offline the day that Call of Duty Ghosts had it's Multiplayer Reveal in August. I talked to my longtime friend and business partner about it, and he didn't see the server go down. But I did. I was on top of it, trying to get the problem solved. I decided myself that we need to make a server move.

That time happened. I spent some money to prepare for this month's Call of Duty Ghost buildup. Usually, around October 20th - 31st we have more traffic coming in from Call of Duty, than any other traffic in our network. But because CODGhosts releases on November 5th, we can expect a huge traffic spike exactly on the 20th through 31st.

Activision has been doing a world-tour since August, and will continue into the worldwide launch of CODGhosts. Microsoft has been doing a world-tour of it's next generation console, the Xbox One. This is good news for any website that covers either Xbox One or CODGhosts.
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