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Announcement CarlosX360 has been reformed.

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CarlosX360 Boards has been reformed since the migration has been done to move CarlosX360 Boards to CarlosX360 Community. I have chosen Community over Boards to relate with the domain name that I purchased [carlosx360.co]. This change also reflects CarlosX360's business name [CarlosX360 Co. Ltd.].

CarlosX360 was on vBulletin 3 for the longest time. CarlosX360 has moved to xenforo in light of vBulletin 4's horrendous problems.

xenForo was founded by the same people who designed vB3, and were early developers of vB4. xenForo brings ease of use, fast pageload times, and superior performance.

CarlosX360 Community has a RSS feed for you to keep tabs on the going on's at CarlosX360 Network. A lot has happened over the last year that CarlosX360 Boards has been on haitus, has been put on the backburner as I have been working on new projects to bring CarlosX360 into the forefront of trending niche subjects.

Over the last year now, I have been testing the waters; I launched MW2Forums, and MW2Boards and turned out to be a failure. But I didn't give up. I believed in my ability to market my projects. People didn't believe in me - they said that just because I have a MW2 domain name, it would not be popular. I then bought MW3Boards as a plan B, and once again, a learning curve. While I had that plan B, I purchased a Call of Duty Forum called CODForums. It is now more than 2,200+ members strong. When I came on as co-administrator, the website was getting only 400 to close to 1,800 members. When I bought it, I saw the site grow to a full 2000 members. I completed the acquisition in January of this year.

I then invested more; I bought a Marvel Vs Capcom 3 website called MVC3Forum. It was one of the best investments that I have made since the inception of CarlosX360. Shortly thereafter, I bought a Modern Warfare 3 blog called MW3Blog. It went on to becoming one of the most popular MW3 blogs on the internet.

Today, I am now pushing forward to the future as I have several projects that I would like to complete. Its only going to get better from here on out!
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