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Announcement CarlosX360 Co., Ltd. has acquired BitterGamers!

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Hello, my name is Carlos Morales, and I am the Founder & C.E.O. at CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. I have acquired BitterGamers over the weekend. BitterGamers is such a huge and encompassing community that I decided to absorb the entire site.

For those of you who don't know, BitterGamers is about 3 different communities. From what I know the websites are TheGamingSource, GeneticHax, and BitterGamers. BitterGamers had 23,076 Threads, 135,146 Posts, and a whooping 81,078 Members. However, behind the scenes, there are 100,000 Members.

I have condensed a lot of the forums that were on BitterGamers to make it easy to navigate the forums. Please post in the right forums, and follow the rules set forth. I will make new rules for the entire site. But please use common sense when posting. You all have brains, use them.

Anyhow, Welcome to DestroyRepeat!

About CarlosX360 Co., Ltd.
CarlosX360 is a global gaming network of brands and products delivering content to gamers worldwide. It is an incorporated company based in Northern California that intends to be an global entertainment corporation. CarlosX360 delivers content to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, and Wii U gamers worldwide at www.carlos360.com To learn more about CarlosX360 visit its corporate home at www.carlosx360.com

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