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PSVita "Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate" announced for Vita!

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Batman Arkham Origins has just been announced for PC, Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360! Set several years before the previous chapters in the series, the story will put you in the shoes of a younger Batman. Players will meet many of the franchise’s most important characters for the first time and even develop important relationships with them.

Alongside the main game, a spinoff title called Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate will be available for 3DS and Vita platforms. Both games will be available on October 25th of this year,00 and will be developed by WB Games Montreal, rather than series creator Rocksteady. Stay tuned to Gamefocus for more details on the game!


Awesome! :D


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Confirmed? Where is the source?

There's also a handheld spin-off called Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for 3DS and Vita, a 2.5-D Metroid-style game developed by Armature Studios, the development house made up of ex-Retro staffers who worked on Metroid Prime.

Meh, wish it was open world but it sounds like they made something for the 3ds and are porting it to the vita


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erm 2.5D batman? are we talking the old batman beat ups like how dragons crown is played? or are we talking castlevania? if its the first awesome if its the second erm i doubt it'll be good


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Ahh, I wish the handheld title was a full 3D Batman Arkham game. Oh well :|

Also Armature is a new studio so I'm not sure what to expect from them yet, but they did a pretty good job co-porting MGS HD.


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I just read this story on the Game Informer website, it is indeed legit. Beyond that though, I have major reservations after reading that the creative director for this game is the man behind the Prototype series and the Incredible Hulk game before it. Despite the opinions of others, Prototype was only ever a medicore game for me and the fun to be had in it faded after a short while.

That being said, I have lost a lot of faith in how this game will turn out lmao. I'll probably wait until reviews are out and more details are released along with screens and gameplay footage. Also 2.5D on Vita? As someone said before me, that means it's gotta be a 3DS game that is just being ported to the Vita so yeah.... This game just doesn't good on all fronts lol.


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Its by ex-retro developers so there is definitely potential for something great, it could also be a low quality IOS style cash grab but I will reserve judgement until we see footage.

I only have one question, Mark Hamill?


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well its a 2.5d side scroller so you can guess why they went that route. The vita could defiantly do better than that.
Yeah but to be honest I would rather see a good 2.5D side scroller than a janky ass crap 3D game *Cough* AC Liberation *Cough* It would be extremely difficult to pull off a full blown Arkham game on Vita without stripping it down to the bone. In the end you would have something thats just poorly emulating a console game by compromising everywhere.


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As long as the gameplay is good, and the story good, I can deal with the graphics. But like the majority of you, I am not expecting it to be much better than a mediocre game, sadly.


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Being worked on by former Retro employees, it could be something awesome.

Looking forward to see how this one turns out.


I ain't sign up for that
I'll pass, I'm not doing a 3DS port as I'm sure they're going to develop it on the 3DS then port it to the Vita (Spy Hunter anyone?). But alas, if it has addictive gameplay and the price is right I may give it a shot.


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I got so excited until i read it's a 2.5d sidescroller based after Arkhan Origins...oh well @tleast give us Gameloft Dark Knight Rises


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When i started reading i got excited, but when i got to 3ds and vita i lost 99% of my interest. Vita is capable of so much more that this is ridiculous.

I hate 3ds ports and this is exactly what it will be. Extremely disappointed, a wasted opportunity to make a great vita game.


The vita could handle what the Wii U could handle in terms of this game I feel like. I'm disappointed that its most likely gonna be 3DS port but we'll see.


Fingers crossed, this would be a great reason for people to get the vita that are sitting on the fence still....

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