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Anyone Else Into Bitcoin

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Back in July, I started getting into Bitcoin mining. I purchased a Raspberry Pi and R-Box. Just something to start with.

Earlier this week, I purchase an Antminer at a decent price. I now have that set up and mining away.

Just wondering anyone else here mining as well.


Suck the weenie!
Staff member
I don't know how to do it, but I would if I could.
Perhaps you can show me how?


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There's a lot of information out there that can be overwhelming or even confusing. I have a sort of understanding of it, but it's more of a fun hobby for me.

So at QuakeCon, there was a vendor there selling mining hardware and he was educating people on bitcoin mining. As mention, I purchased a R-Box miner, which is the entry level hardware for around $55-65. I also purchased a Raspberry Pi to run the miner off of. I dont know anything about Linux, but there's tons of info out there that can assist on setting up the miner with the Pi.

At first, I set up the miner with my PC and had that set up running for a few days before the Pi took over.

After a month or so, I only earned about $10 worth of Bitcoin. With the value going up and down, you cant really estimate how much Bitcoin you'll generate.

It's been over a month that I started and just last week, I bought an Antminer S1, which is a bigger device, but can produce more Bitcoin than the RBox. Also, the Ant miner only require a PC to set up...after set up, it can stand alone since it has it's own management web console. Last night I was able to get that going but didnt realize the noise factor it would create.

Like mentioned, it's a fun hobby and not looking to profit. If I stick with my current set up, I may profit in 6 months or so. Again, not looking or expecting to get rich here.

I'll take some pictures later today to show what I have.


Suck the weenie!
Staff member
You have any websites with great info?

I'm rather well educated with Linux so it should be much of a problem for me.
I have a ton of PCs at my disposal so that could be of help to me as well.


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When I get home, I'll post some links that I use. The Antminer that I just got requires its own atx psu. The r-box uses a power supply that powers up LCD monitors or you can splice a power connector to the 12v of your internal PC psu, which I did to start mining via PC.


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