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Ancient PC games.

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New Member
Today I had a flashback to my childhood when I found an old PC case that belonged to my good ol' 80386 machine from the 90's in my parent's basement.

Do you happen to play any PC games from that era? I can remember the all time classic prince of persia, the commander keen series and the first two civilization games.


New Member
Yes, I remember those games. There were some great games from that era. I think that games developers back then weren't relying so much on flashy graphics, and they had to really make great games that were substantively great. Nowadays it seems that game development has become "style over substance".


New Member
Prince of Persia is a great game, I am pretty sure I posted that elsewhere on this forum in a different thread. Another classic is Sim City. The first Sim City. This is the game that taught me the importance of taxes :). On a similar thought, my dad used to have a program on his old Performa that use to design paper airplanes and then print out dotted lines where you would fold. Does anyone else remember this?


New Member
Roadrash. I loved and still love that game. I have spent countless hours playing that game and still do. It is not exactly compatible with the newer versions of Windows but still can be made to work.


New Member
I sometimes call some friends to play Stronghold Crusader together. :D I know it's a bit newer but still ancient. And to be honest I'm having more fun playing this with friends than a brand new title. Age of Mythology would be fun too. Too bad I lost the disc and don't want to pirate.


New Member
I loved King's Quest V and I don't think I ever actually beat it. Did anyone else have Roller Coaster Tycoon? I loved that one.


New Member
Well, I barely think you guys do not remember the ancient game named "Pin Ball" who has not ever played that game before? come on, it was a must for every single PC owner, it used to come along with the PC, I think it was only available for Windows XP, however, it was a fun and enjoyable game to play when you were kinda bored.


New Member
Yup I can remember my first setup, I think it was a 386dx with like 2mb ram, 40mb disk drive, 3.5 floppy, and 1200 baud modem. And there were some excellent games from back then, how about: Tie Fighter, Wolfenstien, Doom, Raptor: Call of the Shadows, Civilization... gosh just remembering them all takes me back :)


New Member
I can still remember playing Prince of Persia and Pacman and the time that the 5.25 floppy diskette was the rage. I also played Lemmings, remember those little creatures? Then in the late 1990's, I got addicted to Starcraft. I'm not sure if you'll Sims1 an ancient game, but with the development in SIM3 and SIMS4, I'll say its ancient.


Yeah.. It remembers old and ancient games that we use to play... Thanks for this thread..


The late '90s were the golden age of gaming for me. My favorite game of all time is Ultima Online, the first major MMORPG. It's just an unparalleled experience. Risk vs. reward, social interaction, and player-driven world.

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