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titanfall 2 open beta

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  1. Carlos

    TitanFall 2 Tech Test Weekend 2 Patch Notes

    Mat Everett (Sledgehammer70), the Community Manager for TitanFall (2) went on the official TitanFall Forums and laid out the patch notes for TitanFall 2... Source: Official TitanFall Forums If you log in, and play TitanFall 2 Tech Test (or Beta, if you like to call it) on either consoles, you...
  2. Carlos

    Feedback for TitanFall 2 Tech Test 1st Weekend addressed by Respawn

    Respawn Entertainment addressed the feedback from the TitanFall 2 Tech Test's first weekend. Things got heated with fans so much that it was all over their Official TitanFall [2] Forum, Social Media sites, and other outlets where feedback were given. Steven DeRose, the Multiplayer Game Designer...
  3. Carlos

    CarlosX360's TitanFall 2 Videos shows off intense action

    Over the weekend, the TitanFall 2 Tech Test dropped, and I was able to get my hands-on of TitanFall 2. I livestreamed the Open Beta on Sunday, and the results are mixed; I didn't do very well, and there are times where I took the victory for the team.
  4. Carlos

    Livestreaming TitanFall 2 for PS4!

    Watch me play TitanFall 2! Playing all day on my PlayStation 4 to bring new gameplay footage your way! EDIT: I streamed another round of TitanFall 2 gameplay!
  5. Carlos

    TitanFall 2 Tech Test is live now.

    During GamesCom 2016, Electronic Arts & Respawn Entertainment revealed that TitanFall 2's Tech Test will take place today, August 19th... Electronic Arts is calling it a "Open Tech Test," but it's an Open Beta. The whole point of this Tech Test is to test the server and break the game as hard...
  6. Carlos

    TitanFall 2 Website reveals Open Tech Test features for both weekends

    Electronic Arts & Respawn updated the TitanFall website with TitanFall 2 Open Tech Test for both weekends... I list them by weekend for you... Weekend 1: 8/19 to 8/21 Pilot Abilities - Pulse Blade - Grapple - Holo Pilot - Stim Titans - Ion - Scorch Modes - Pilots vs Pilots - Bounty Hunt...
  7. Carlos

    TitanFall 2 modes and maps available in Open Tech Test

    Respawn let out a lot of information about TitanFall 2's Open Tech Test (or if you liken it as "Open Beta"), and they're about the maps and modes of the first and second weekend of Open Tech Test... Modes Bounty Hunt (5v5): A brand new mode that pits Pilots and their teammates against an...