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  1. TeknoBlast

    The Dark Side or the Light? Microsoft Promo

    So Microsoft came out with this clever and funny promo for their controllers and obviously for Battlefront. Even though, nothing says Battlefront is also on the Xbox One. Anyways, so I've been reading a lot of hate towards this and people saying it's so childish that MS is doing this. Pretty...
  2. TeknoBlast

    Target Clearance Section

    Anytime I head to Target, I always check the electronics clearance section. Never know what you'll score. Yesterday, I went to get some items and I scored two Vita games. One was MLB 15 The Show for 5.99 and LEGO Chima for 5.99. They had several other titles, but I either have them or played...
  3. TeknoBlast

    PS4 Anyone getting Everyone's Gone to Rapture?

    So anyone planning to get Rapture? I just preordered it just to get it out of the way. I enjoy unique games like these.
  4. TeknoBlast

    The Flash on CW

    http://images6.fanpop.com/image/photos/37700000/The-Flash-the-flash-cw-37771515-1600-900.jpg Anyone else watching The Flash? Such a great freaking show and ended with a great episode. Legends of Tomorrow now in the works and can't wait for that one.
  5. TeknoBlast

    Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition

    So for the ones that have an Xbox One, did anyone else besides me get Lifeless Planet? I've been enjoying it very much since day one and I think I'm about finish with it. I may have a couple of chapters left. And yes, I know, it's been on PC. I don't game on PC much even though I do have a...
  6. TeknoBlast

    PSVita MLB The Show 14 Servers to Shut Down in June 2015

    http://www.psu.com/News/26271/MLB-14-The-Show-online-support-shutting-down-in-June I have this game but never played online, so doesnt bother me at all, but can seem others up in arms about this.
  7. TeknoBlast

    PS4 Broadcasting a Game

    For you guys that enjoy broadcasting on Twitch. I have a question. How do you get the border to not display while broadcasting?
  8. TeknoBlast

    PS4 PS4 Camera

    For the members that own the camera, is it worth it? I've been tempted to buy it, but I keep holding off. Just wondering what everyone's opinions are on this accessory. Thanks.
  9. TeknoBlast

    F/S/: The LEGO Movie Video Game Download Code

    Anyone interested in The LEGO Movie Video Game download code? I got it from the PSTV bundle. Already have the game on the big console, so dont need it here. Asking $10 pp gifted.
  10. TeknoBlast

    Anyone Else Into Bitcoin

    Back in July, I started getting into Bitcoin mining. I purchased a Raspberry Pi and R-Box. Just something to start with. Earlier this week, I purchase an Antminer at a decent price. I now have that set up and mining away. Just wondering anyone else here mining as well.
  11. TeknoBlast

    July Loot Crate Unboxing

    I did my first Loot Crate unboxing video yesterday. Video is nothing fancy and it was my first that I actually put some effort into it. Feedback is appreciated, but please be gentle. :) Enjoy.
  12. TeknoBlast

    [FREE] Vita Pull N Go Folio

    I have the Pull N Go folio that I'm not using. It's just there collecting dust. Does anyone want it for free. Just pay for the shipping and it's yours.
  13. TeknoBlast

    PS4 Got Perfect Game in MLB 14 The Show

    Not sure if anyone here performed a perfect game, but I'd like to announce that I did tonight. Astros vs Angels. I recorded the 9th inning, so if interested in watching, here's the link: PerfectGame Enjoy.
  14. TeknoBlast

    Godzilla Official Main Trailer

    I'm excited to see a new Godzilla movie. Looks like this wont be goofy like the last one.
  15. TeknoBlast

    Microsoft: both PS4 and Xbox One will "sell a ton", online hate "needs to go away"

    Well said from Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb http://www.oxm.co.uk/69631/microsoft-both-ps4-and-xbox-one-will-sell-a-ton-online-hate-needs-to-go-away/
  16. TeknoBlast

    FT: Vita Games

    I have a few older PSVita games I’m looking to trade with someone here if anyone is interested. I have the following games for trade with complete case, just not pictured here since I don’t carry them with me. -COD: Black Ops Declassified -Lumines -Madden NFL13 -MLB: The Show 13 So far the...
  17. TeknoBlast

    BF3 Air Vehicle Code

    I preordered BF4 from GameStop and I received a code to unlock the air vehicle kit for BF3. I don't need it, so the first to post here "I WANT IT PLEASE" gets it. This is for the PS3.
  18. TeknoBlast

    PSVita Which Game?

    Got a PSN card of $50 for Christmas. Which game would be better, Sonic Racing or SF vs Tek?
  19. TeknoBlast

    FS: 8GB Memory Card

    I just upgraded my Vita with a 32GB card. Now looking to unload the 8GB I have. 8GB has been formatted and ready for use. Best Buy price = $29.99 GameStop = 34.99 My asking priced SHIPPED is $18. I prefer and accept PayPal. If other means, we can work something out.
  20. TeknoBlast

    What do you do when...

    ...you forget your Vita at home? Left for work this morning and forgot my Vita on the charger. Well at least I uploaded some True Blood episodes on my iPad to get my by.