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  • Hey Tekno, so I've preordered the xbone sunset overdrive bundle and i was wondering.... what games have you enjoyed on it and which multiplatforms would be beat to get on it?

    I'm assuming CoD would be one and maybe Tomb Raider since it'll get there first..
    Silent Angel
    Silent Angel
    I'm asking after not finding a recent "best of" list for the x1. All i kept getting were lists wher titanfall just came out.
    Picking up Mass Effect 3 after work and might be also getting the MLB The Show 12 combo pack. Damn my wallet is crying in pain.
    Taking a break from gaming. Instead I'm working on a couple of servers that I've had sitting in my garage. A little cool in the garage.
    All my games have arrived. So they are Uncharted, Wipeout, and Marvel v Capcom. All great games and cant wait to play them all.
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